GRSP Student


Sofia Stahlfors is this year’s GRSP-student from the very southern part of Sweden where she lives with her parents and older sister Emma. The upcoming year, she’ll attend University of Georgia in Athens, but also spend a lot of time with her host families: the Walkers in Dublin and the Osbornes in Greensboro.

Sofia is 18 years old and goal-oriented, joyful and ambitious. She is excited to take classes in subjects she's never studied before as she would like to experience courses other than natural science which she is studying at her school in Sweden.

Beyond her involvement in several councils at school, Sofia is active in a local assembly for youths which hosts events such as outdoor cinemas for almost 3,000 people and works to strengthen the contact between politicians and teenagers. 

This year is a dream come true for Sofia since she has always wanted to experience life in the US.